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Hello- I am KayCee, founder and lead consultant for My Beyond Beauty, thank you for stopping by. My Beyond Beauty was created to inspire, empower, and support women across the country to strive for and reach their fullest potential. There is something so incredibly feminine and beautiful about creating empowerment through building confidence, creating community, and providing opportunities for personal transformation through the commonality of beauty and cosmetics.



My Beyond Beauty, just as the name portrays, is far more than cosmetics, products, and make-up services. I believe cosmetic and beauty products are not the end all be all to shaping confidence and inspiration, however, sometimes the simplicity of applying the perfect lip shade or an effective and easy morning beauty routine can be the kick-starter to hitting your stride and leading a life of confidence and power.



The mission of Beyond Beauty is to share all that I know about elevating and developing people, and my passion for beauty to inspire women to pursue their fullest potential and live inspired and abundant lives.


So darn excited for the journey ahead, thank you for your support! More to come. 


With Gratitude,


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